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Our Mission

Live Oak Middle School believes that through hard work, dedication, love, and positive relationships--we can make a difference.

LOMS is a school where teachers, administration, parents, support staff, and the community strive for EVERY student to be successful and work in a collaborated effort towards this goal. The classroom is a place where passionate, motivated, and CARING teachers create an environment of learning where ALL students feel valued and important while receiving the best instructional methodology available. Teachers ensure that individual student needs are met on a daily basis for every student. The students are motivated and engaged from bell to bell and work as hard as they can to meet the clearly defined expectations set by their teachers. All administrators, faculty, and staff are ultimate professionals who are role models for the children. The administration provides the necessary support and resources the teachers and students require to ensure complete and total success in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities, and athletics. Live Oak Middle School is a family of educators, children, and parents that truly understand that an education is more than good grades and successful results on standardized tests. More importantly, the positive impact a school community makes in the lives of children is the true measure of success. Only through hard work, dedication, love, and faith in God can WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Vision Statement

Bell Schedule

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