School Closure Resources

This website is a work in progress, so please be patient.  We will post information as we receive it.  Please check daily for updated information.

Remind 101 Codes

Packets can be downloaded (see link).

Need a Google Classroom code?  Not all teachers use Google Classroom--email the teacher.

Need something at school?  Email Coach Hodges at 

Text the codes to 81010

  • Carroll: ELA @be3a249 & SS @d68df3 

  • Cleveland: @3kg33g

  • Courville: @lcourvi

  • Davison: @davisonela

  • Delee: 5th ELA (@d26bg3), 6th ELA (@kd44ab), & 6th Math (@k7723g

  • Drummond:  @7bk2ba7

  • Fontenot: (Speech) @3y25rt3

  • Freeman: 6th (@ck6gg9) & 5th (@6kh8cb)

  • Girlinghouse: @kgirli

  • Hanegan: @mrshanega

  • Harris: @b7ec463

  • Johnson, D: @c6e4b83

  • Johnson, T: 6th Grade SS @tjss19

  • Jones, N: @lomela2019

  • Leopold: @k9hcd2f

  • May-Donnelly: Math (g89feb) & BETA (9ha6c2)

  • Mayfield: @mayfieldss

  • McLine (Ruff): Math (@he8a72) & Science (@f26f32 )

  • Nester: Band (@lomband), 6th SS (@6ssnester), & 5th SS (@5ssnester)

  • Nugent: @Nugent6

  • Olivier: @olivier5

  • O'Neill: ELA (@3f8ef24), 4th (@9dc8hg), 5th (@adh948), 6th (@94ee4fh), & 7th (@446677)

  • Reynerson: @reynerson6

  • Roundtree: Science (@ebh7f4) & SS (@h4gbaf2)

  • Sharpe: @s-ela

  • Smith: @dkdbfea

  • Swearingen: @ssmath2020

  • Tarver: 1st/2nd (TarverELA1), 3rd/4th (TarverELA3-4), & 5th/6th (TarverELA5-6)

  • Templet: @8kekge

  • Webb: 5th ELA (@g87bf9), 6th ELA (@6bekg3), & 6th Math (@he24gc)

  • Workman: @workman110


Info from the Library

Mrs. Jones, our librarian, will be hosting weekly virtual field trips.  She will also be posting resources for parents and students. 

 Check this link and the library's

social media for more information. 

FB:  LOM Library

Instagram: @lom_library

Twitter: @LOMiddleLibrary

FREE RESOURCES from the LP Library

Students can download 1000's of ebooks, music, comics, magazines, audiobooks, and more from the Livingston Parish Library with their student ecard.  Every student has one. 

Check out this link for more information.