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School Closure Resources

This website is a work in progress, so please be patient.  We will post information as we receive it.  Please check daily for updated information.

Remind 101 Codes

Packets can be downloaded (see link).

***New packets posted 4/21/2020 for April 21-May 22. .***

***New info for 5th & 6th SS added 5/5/2020***

Need something at school?  Email Coach Hodges at 

Text the codes to 81010

  • Carroll: ELA @be3a249 & SS @d68df3 

  • Cleveland: @3kg33g

  • Courville: @lcourvi

  • Davison: @davisonela

  • Delee: 5th ELA (@d26bg3), 6th ELA (@kd44ab), & 6th Math (@k7723g

  • Drummond:  @7bk2ba7

  • Fontenot: (Speech) @3y25rt3

  • Freeman: 6th (@ck6gg9) & 5th (@6kh8cb)

  • Girlinghouse: @kgirli

  • Hanegan: @mrshanega

  • Harris: @b7ec463

  • Johnson, D: @c6e4b83

  • Johnson, T: 6th Grade SS @tjss19

  • Jones, N: @lomela2019

  • Leopold: @k9hcd2f

  • May-Donnelly: Math (g89feb) & BETA (9ha6c2)

  • Mayfield: @mayfieldss

  • McLine (Ruff): Math (@he8a72) & Science (@f26f32 )

  • Nester: Band (@lomband), 6th SS (@6ssnester), & 5th SS (@5ssnester)

  • Nugent: @Nugent6

  • Olivier: @olivier5

  • O'Neill: ELA (@3f8ef24), 4th (@9dc8hg), 5th (@adh948), 6th (@94ee4fh), & 7th (@446677)

  • Reynerson: @reynerson6

  • Roundtree: Science (@ebh7f4) & SS (@h4gbaf2)

  • Sharpe: @s-ela

  • Smith: @dkdbfea

  • Swearingen: @ssmath2020

  • Tarver: 1st/2nd (TarverELA1), 3rd/4th (TarverELA3-4), & 5th/6th (TarverELA5-6)

  • Templet: @8kekge

  • Webb: 5th ELA (@g87bf9), 6th ELA (@6bekg3), & 6th Math (@he24gc)

  • Workman: @workman110

Info from the Library

FREE RESOURCES from the LP Library

A return in is in front of the school for anyone who would like to return school library books and teacher classroom books that were borrowed.  You can place them in the bin at your convenience.  Students do not return workbooks and we did not issue any textbooks this year. ALL LIBRARY BOOKS DUE MAY 15TH!

Email library questions to

Students can download 1000's of ebooks, music, comics, magazines,

audiobooks, and more from the Livingston Parish Library

with their student ecard.  Every student has one. 

Check out this link for more information.

Photo May 03, 11 27 34 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 16, 12 37 18 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 13, 6 09 46 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 14, 6 53 02 AM.png

Beginning Monday, May 18 through Friday, May 22 there will be bins outside the front of the school to turn in the completed packets. The bins will be available 24 hours a day for your convenience. If you would like to keep the packets for review during the summer, that is completely fine. We are taking packets for documentation purposes only, they will not be graded. Report cards will be mailed home the week of May 25-29. Have a great summer!

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